The original Super Storyz

Read the original Super Storyz that inspired the comics. Find out more about Sam and Sara to become healthier and more active like them.

Sam and Sara’s New Sports Challenge

Sam and his sister Sara love playing sports and going on adventures. They also love eating lots of healthy food because it gives them energy for all their fun activities. Sam and Sara have a small secret. It isn’t really a secret since all their friends already know. But Sam and Sara are actually superheroes! They are the Super Kidz.

With their Super Powers they always help their friends in school. Like one day, the school bus they were travelling in had a problem and the petrol was leaking.  Sam and Sara were the only ones who realized it and told the driver and saved the day. Sam and Sara also help their friends when they in the school playground. Sam is super zippy and so strong; he even stopped a boy from flying off a swing.

When a new student Zac joins school, Super Sam saves him from tripping. From that day, Zac, Sam and Sara became best friends, doing everything together, until the school announced sports day. Zac is not good at sports and because he eats a lot of junk food does not have energy. Sara makes a plan to help Zac stop eating junk food and play sports with her and Sam. Zac finds it very difficult at first but slowly he improves and get better.

On sports day Zac is a lot more confident and excited. He cheers for Sam and Sara as they participate in the activities and when it is finally his turn to run the 100 meter race he comes second! His good friends Sam and Sara are very excited for him and they all go home with trophies, hoping they win many more at the interschool competition………

Sam and Sara’s Camping Challenge

Super Kidz, Sam and Sara’s teacher one day announces that the whole class will be going on a camping trip. The whole class is very excited except Zac because he’s never gone camping before and he has no idea how to pitch a tent or read a map and he is very scared. 

Sam and Sara promise to help Zac and they start with a camping list.  Zac only wants to put chips and chocolates on his list but the Super Kidz tell him that won’t work and share their list with him. The list has a tent, a sleeping bag, some clothes, a flash light, soap and a tooth brush. For food there are nuts, water, sandwich, fruits and fresh juice they also have a Frisbee and a ball, Zac decided to use their list.

All the children are very happy on camping day, and are singing in the bus, but suddenly the bus stops because a tree has blocked the path to the campsite! Everyone is worried but Sam and Sara use their superpowers to move the tree and everyone cheers for them and the bus continues on its way to the camp.

Once they reach the camp Sam and Sara use their nifty super powers and help them put up the tents in no time.  After all the hard work everyone gets very hungry so Sam and Sara pass out sandwiches and fruits. When they are finished eating they make sure to collect all the trash because they know Super Kidz don’t litter. Full of energy they decide to explore the campsite and play a game of ball and Frisbee. 

Once night falls all the children gather around the fireplace sleepy but happy, hoping that their next adventure is as exciting, like maybe rock-climbing……….